Public Relations Unit

The Corporate Relations and Publicity Department of the Faculty of Business Administration is responsible for determining and executing the corporate communication strategy in line with our faculty's mission, vision, and corporate values.

Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration Corporate Relations and Publicity Department

Coordinator Asst. Prof. Ahmet BAŞCI
Asst. Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Ceyda AYSUNA TÜRKYILMAZ
Member Res. Ass. Gül YÜKSEL
Member Res. Ass. Bahadır AYAR
Member Res. Ass. Alperen YASA


You can send the news you want to be published on our faculty's web page and social media addresses to the Corporate Relations and Publicity Department by filling out the form below completely. The image used in the news or announcement should be high quality. If more than one image is wanted to publish in the news or announcement, the images can be sent by e-mail to

News and Announcement Information Form

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Official Social Media Accounts:

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Phone: 0216 777 25 71


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