The Great Success of Refuge!

The Great Success of Refuge!

Member of the Faculty of Business Administration Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tığlı continues to receive international awards with his short films. In September 2020, the short film Refüj, written and directed by him and starring Arzu Suriçi Kireççi, Mete Boyar, Ertan Kılıç and veteran actress Selda Alkor, received new awards. The film, which was selected for the Texas Short Film Festival, has been entitled to 65 international selections and won 26 awards so far. The premiere of the movie will be held at Fitaş Cinema this month.

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 Official Selections and Awards of Refuge (65-26)

  1. Global Indie Film Fest-Glasgow-UK
  2. Catalyst International Film Festival-Ireland
  3. Pharos Short Film Festival-Greece
  4. Triste Para Sempre Film Festival-Portugal
  5. Beyond Earth Film Festival-India
  6. A Show for a Change Film Festival-Santa Monica-USA-Storytelling Award
  7. Golden Short Film Festival-Italy
  8. Hilltop Film Festival-Alabama-USA-Best Narrative
  9. Paris Play International Film Festival-France-Best LGBTQIA+
  10. Romford Film Festival-UK
  11. Blackboard International Film Festival-India-Best Short Film
  12. World of Film International Festival-Glasgow-UK
  13. Realtime International Film Festival-Nigeria
  14. Social World Film Festival-Italy
  15. Argenteuil International Film Festival-France-Best Drama
  16. Prime International Film Festival-India-Best Docufiction
  17. Calgary Independent Film Festival-Canada-Best Social Justice Short Film
  18. The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards-UK
  19. Colorado International Activism Film Festival-USA- Festival Theme Award for Dramatic Short Film
  20. Film Olympiad-Greece-Best Supporting Actress Bronze Medal
  21. Cosmic Film Festival-Florida-USA-Best Third International Short Film
  22. Oregon Short Film Festival-USA
  23. Virgin Spring Cinefest-India- Best Cinematography Silver Award, Films on Disability Issue Gold Award
  24. Detroit Trinity International Film Festival-USA
  25. Dalmatia Film Festival-Croatia
  26. Caorle Independent Film Festival-Italy
  27. FICKIN’ International Film Festival Kinshasa-Democratic Republic of Congo
  28. Goddess on the Throne-Hyjnesha ne Fron-Prishtine-Kosovo-Best Screenplay
  29. International Social Change Film Festival-USA
  30. Refugees Welcome Film Festival-Berlin-Germany
  31. Reale Film Festival-Italy-Best Actor (July-August)
  32. Garden Route International Film Festival-South Africa
  33. One Earth Film Awards-India-Short Film (Refugee) Gold Award
  34. Premio Shinema Cinema Contemporaneo-Napoli-Italy
  35. Alternative Film Festival-Toronto-Canada-Best Writer
  36. Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival-Erbil-Iraq
  37. Legnano Film Festival-Lombardia-Italy
  38. Falcon International Film Festival-India
  39. MonsterFlix Awards-UK
  40. The Hague Global Cinema Festival-Den Haag-Netherlands
  41. Max Diversity Film Festival-Brussels-Belgium
  42. Banaras Film Festival-India
  43. Inside Nollywood Film Festival and Awards-Nigeria
  44. High Tatras Film & Video Festival-Slovakia
  45. BangkokThai International Film Festival-Thailand-Best LGBT Short Film
  46. Adamawa Film Festival-Nigeria-Semi-Finalist
  47. Liberty International Movie Festival-Seoul-South Korea
  48. Anticensura Film Festival-California-USA-Best Short Film
  49. Lake View International Film Festival-India-Best Female Actor of Month
  50. Tiete International Film Awards-Brazil-Social Awareness Award
  51. International Short Film Festival Pune-India
  52. Rieti Sabina Film Festival-Italy
  53. Ooty Short Film Festival-India
  54. International Symbolic Art Film Festival-Russia-Best Supporting Actress
  55. Golden Jury International Film Festival-Mumbai-India
  56. Fox International Film Festival-Russia
  57. Ocean City Film Festival-Maryland-USA
  58. Spello International Short Film Festival-Italy
  59. Samskara International Film Festival-India-Best Short Film, Best Actor (Runner up)
  60. Sincine Film Festival-Mumbai-India
  61. Anatolia International Film Festival-Turkey-Best National Film
  62. Reels International Film Festival-India-Best Foreign Short Film
  63. Aravali International Film Festival-New Delhi-India
  64. Golden Harvest Film Festival-Tokyo-Japan-Honorable Mention
  65. Texas Short Film Festival-USA

One Step Behind: Who is Mehmet Tığlı

Mehmet Tığlı was born in 1970 in Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration. Tığlı, received cinema certificate training at IFSAK in 1990. He won first and second places in the categories of cinema utopia and full-length film script at the Orhon Murat Arıburnu Awards given on a national basis in 1992 and 1993. Tığlı, who served as a jury member in some short film competitions in the coming years, still gives marketing and communication courses at Marmara University as a professor.

He laid the academic foundation of theater-marketing cooperation in his graduate program by developing a course on the use of creative drama and role-playing techniques in marketing in the Retailing and Sales Management program of which he is the head. Mehmet Tığlı was also the culture and art editor of The Brand Age and BrandMap magazines, which are published in the fields of business management and brand management.

Director and professor Tığlı's international award-winning short films include Sycamore, Spizella, A Ferry Tale, High Calorie, and Twin Stars.

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