With the purpose of freeing domestic trade from the hegemony of foreigners and providing the much needed knowledge base for the class of national traders, it was the Ottoman Minister of Trade Suphi Pasha who took the first initiative to lay the foundations of the Faculty. His initiative resulted in the opening of the ‘Hamidiye School of Higher Commercial Education' by the Minister of Education Tahir Pasha on 16 January 1883.

In 1924, the school was renamed the ‘Higher School of Economics and Commerce'. In addition to the graduates of Commercial High Schools, other high school graduates started to be admitted in 1927.

After the promulgation of the Law of Academies in 1959, the school was renamed the ‘Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences,' and specialized areas were re-grouped under the branches of ‘Public Finance-Accounting', ‘Economic Business Management' and ‘Foreign Trade and Tourism'. In the meantime, the duration of education was increased from three to four years.

‘The Istanbul Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences,' which emerged as a fully autonomous legal entity with an extra budget opened three institutes - Accounting, Business Administration Sciences and Turkish Economy Sciences - during the 1972-1974 academic years.

The Academy opened the faculties of ‘Economics,' ‘Business Administration' and ‘Political Science' in the 1977-1978 academic year. In 1982, ‘Galatasaray Business Administration School' was turned into the ‘Faculty of Business Administration', and ‘Aksaray School of Commerce' and ‘Beyazit School of Finance and Accounting' into the ‘Faculty of Commercial Sciences'. The Act No. 41 of July 1982 joined all faculties that emerged as a result of these changes under the ‘Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences' of Marmara University, and this institution has become a full-fledged university under the Council of Higher Education of Turkey.

After several structural and institutional changes and improvements during the past years, on March 23rd 2012, Marmara University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences was separated into three newly established faculties and our institution gains its present name; “Faculty of Business Administration”.

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