Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

To begin with, I sincerely would like to congratulate you for successfully completing a challenging marathon and choosing our faculty.  Moreover, I thank your parents for their efforts at raising fine children.  Please believe it when I say that your experience in the realm of education so far was much harder than what is awaiting you.  You are here, having overcome the challenge.  You should be proud of yourselves.

I hope you are aware that from the moment you set foot at our university, a process of great change and transformation has begun in your lives.  With its deeply rooted past, this faculty and university where you will be studying offers many chances and opportunities to prepare you for a bright future.   As rational individuals, you need to be aware of these chances and opportunities, seize them well and on time, and improve yourselves by taking advantage of the institutional experience.  In case you are able to base your career plans on these rational grounds starting from now, you will open the gates of a successful future upon graduation.

You are now in a teaching and research institution which, with its 136 years long history, maintains its ambition in the field of business administration both at national and global levels, serving approximately 4,000 undergraduate and an equal number of graduate students with around 170 faculty members possessing outstanding qualifications and nearly 60 administrative staff members in four departments that teach in three different languages.   Our institution also offers you the opportunity to study abroad under the exchange agreements signed with leading universities of the world, and contributes to making your qualifications distinct with double major, minor and double diploma programs.

In addition to theoretical and applied education and training activities, our faculty provides the environment that contributes to your personal development and that prepares you for professional life through encouraging the taking of roles and responsibilities on your part with a multitude of events such as national and international seminars, workshops and conferences organized with the participation of leading academics and practitioners from the academia and the business world, along with interaction programs, internships in special vocational areas, student employment programs within the institution, incentives for scientific and social projects, cultural and artistic activities, sports facilities, Continuing Education Center and student clubs.

It is beyond a doubt that the students who are rational, hardworking, involved, inquisitive, solution oriented, value-conscious, honest and committed to ethical values, innovative, socially skillful, respectful of the environment and the society, content, and who aim at developing themselves continuously will take this institution and our country further.

Welcome to our Faculty. We are now all the more richer and hopeful with you.

Professor Hakan YILDIRIM (PhD)


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