Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences coordinates many Master's Programmes (Thesis and non-Thesis) and Doctorate Programmes in 22 different sub-departments, all offered by our Faculty.

Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems (İn German)
Business Administration
Financial Markets and Investment Management (in Turkish)
Real Estate Finance and Evaluation (in Turkish)
Global Marketing (in Turkish)
Human Resources Management (in Turkish)
Accounting and Auditing (in Turkish)
Accounting and Financing (in Turkish)
Marketing (in Turkish)
Retailing and Sales Management (in Turkish)
Quantitative Methods (in Turkish)
Quantitative Methods (in English)
Strategic Brand Management (in Turkish)
Sustainable Growth and Quality Management (in Turkish)
Social Project Management and Organization (in Turkish)
International Business Management (in Turkish)
Management and Organization (in Turkish)
Accounting and Financing (in German)
Production Management and Marketing (in German)
Accounting and Financing (in English)
Organizational Behavior (in English)
Decision Science for Executives (in English)
Marketing (in English)
Management and Organization (in English)



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