Dear Readers,

With this number, our journal meets the reader under the name of “Journal of Research in Business”. Our journal, which has been published since June 2016 as Marmara Business Review, will continue its mission of “Journal of Research in Business” in order to bring valuable work in the academic, quality and ethical framework to the business literature.

Marmara Business Review - a peer-reviewed journal of Marmara University’s Faculty of Business Administration’s – published four volumes in the short-lived publication, with valuable support from referees, researchers and the scientific community. It started indexing in Ulrich’s during this period. By June 2018, the Journal of Research in Business will take over the mission of Marmara Business Review and be published as an internationally recognized journal. Our main goal when making this change is to increase the scanned of our journal in international indices and make it easier to reach.

Our free, ethical and quality academic studies are our main goal to reach readers. With this change we make without compromise, we aim to increase the reach of our journal in terms of international researchers, authors, and readers. The Journal of Research in Business will continue to be indexed at Ulrich’s as it begins its publication. The main purposes are to provide the target audience with free, ethical and high-quality articles with an attentive reviewer evaluation process, to protect objective thinking, to open new horizons, to expand the debate and communication channels, and to share this scientific atmosphere with academics, practitioners, and policymakers. In line with this goal; without compromising on quality, Journal of Research in Business is aiming to contribute to both Turkish and international literature by presenting its readers the recent topics publishing twice a year, in June and December.

The journal is presenting its publications in the Faculty’s educational languages; Turkish, English and German, and publishing management subjects in various areas such as law, marketing, production management, organization, administration, accounting, finance, human resources, quantitative methods, information systems, business environment, globalization, strategic management, supply chain, leadership and innovation. Conceptual studies, secondary data analysis, modeling studies, qualitative and quantitative researches are reaching its readers. In addition, the participation of studies from different disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology, statistics, and mathematics will be presented in a free discussion environment by bringing together multidisciplinary scientific development. 

Journal of Research in Business, which aims to create value with this number and aims to become a respectable journal, which is scanned in international indexes in the near future, is waiting for its participation with academicians and practitioners.

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